Implosion Icon

We rose bright and early Saturday morning, Groundhog Day 2013 (February 2), to find a good parking spot at the J Street Marina in Chula Vista. This clear, cold morning promised a once in a lifetime chance to see a controlled implosion of a structure. The South Bay Power Plant was first placed into service in 1960 and decommissioned in 2010. It sits along Chula Vista’s waterfront access to San Diego Bay. Though we made the most of it, calling it our Gotham City, it was an eye sore against the azure blues of the bay and Pacific Ocean beyond. It would soon be goneRead More →

Fireworks Icon

Drove over to the Embarcadero and luckily found a parking spot to go for a walk. (A Summer Pops concert was going on, so parking was at a premium.) Found out they had fireworks so we stuck around to watch them and got this video to remember them. This video is in high definition, so click on the full screen option for the best view! Get the Flash Player to see this content.Read More →

Trying to photograph mourning doves

Trying to photograph mourning dove chicks. Sylvia got a shot of one of the mourning dove parents sitting on the railing below the nest. The nest is at the top of the picture in the middle of the bougainvillea branches.Read More →

Fourth of July Sunset #1

We enjoyed a wonderful day with friends from Ireland (some old, some new) on the Fourth of July in our backyard. Helping us celebrate this Independence day, an incredible sunset lit up our sky!Read More →

Freight train

Walking through Downtown San Diego when this freight train came through toward us. Sylvia noticed that some of the freight cars were transporting cars! 🙂 Below is a video of the train. View it in full screen mode to see it best. Get the Flash Player to see this content.Read More →