Sunset Nov. 11, 2008

Just wanted to share with our family and friends this sunset from Chula Vista, in Southern California: Winter is just around the corner as the nights are getting colder, but no one seemed to tell this plumeria, as it displays some of its last blossoms of this season.Read More →

Lilo trying to kiss Stitch

As you probably all know, Lilo is our new cockapoo puppy that we just picked up today (May 10, 2008) on our road trip to Oregon. Stitch is our 1-1/2 year old cockapoo that Sylvia picked up February 2007. Just in case you are wondering, they are not related at all, though they do come from the same breeder. Please enjoy these first pictures of Lilo & Stitch meeting for the first time on our road trip! Please click on any of the following pictures to enjoy a larger view. UPDATE (5/12/2008): Everyone loves Lilo, especially her cousins Cece and Enrique!Read More → logo

We are happy to report that all is well for us and our extended families. While Sylvia’s brother’s family had to be evacuated, they were able to return, gratefully, to homes that were untouched by anything but a bit of ash. My family is also all doing fine, and fortunately none of them had to evacuate, though the fire on Mt. San Miguel was of concern. There is ash and debris from the Santa Ana winds everywhere. Not sure why they call these brutal winds after a saint, especially when you add fire to the mix, the winds become quite hellish. It is hard toRead More →

Don't mess with Mickey's toys!

Dear family and friends, Tomorrow, October 2, 2007, will be two months since my sweet son Mickey passed away. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of the joy he gave me. I was truly blessed in sharing 15 years with him. Your kind words and thoughtful cards helped Rodrigo, Stitch, and I during this difficult time. As I sat here thinking of him tonight I came across a few photos that made me smile. I would like to share them with you, along with these thoughts that I found, in thanks for your kindness and hope they bring a smile to yourRead More →